Our annual awards ceremony was an outstanding affair, and there was one winner that really touched me on a more personal level. When I think about my business journey, and everything I’ve achieved, I can’t help but think of my high-profile letting agency, Lawsons that I founded over twenty six years ago in Wolverhampton. A lot of time has passed, but the fact it’s still such a massive success fills me with a profound sense of pride.

I can still remember the buzz of getting it off the ground, and the journey that I went on to help make it the success it is today. Laying the foundations for any new business is no simple task, but as with everything I do, I gave it my all, put in the hours, and watched as my time was rewarded. Lawsons is a part of my business history, and I’m still heavily invested in its performance today – and the agency hasn’t failed me. Alongside its amazing team, it continues to fulfil and exceed my expectations.

Lawsons won our Top Sales Income award for achieving the highest income from property sales in 2016. A weighty award, the agency celebrated increasing their sales income by 300% throughout the year. This result highlights their hard work and dedication, and seeing as their sales service was only introduced in 2015, they’ve done exceptionally well to gain market share so rapidly.

While I’m on the topic of Lawson’s successful team, it’s important that I mention another award winner from the night – Leanne Babakan. Moving to Lawsons in early 2016, she has played an essential role in the team, and her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. She’s spent several years as a negotiator for the company, working in local Concentric branches before moving to Lawsons, and I’m proud to award her our ‘Best Lettings Negotiator’ award for 2016. She achieved the highest number of move ins and smashed targets, with her above and beyond performance being the best in the network.

Congratulations to everyone at Lawsons – I’m so proud of your success and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.